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Proven Drag & Drop
Marketing Funnels In 10 Minutes


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The world's easiest to use (and most powerful) sales funnel builder

Launch a proven marketing campaign in as little as 10 minutes. Access pre-built marketing funnels that have already been proven to work. 

Simply choose a proven campaign, customize it, and then launch!

Tons of beautiful marketing pages to customize

  • Opt-in Lead-Gen Pages
  • Sales Pages
  • Launch Pages
  • Order Forms
  • Traditional Home Pages
  • Live Event Pages
  • Thank You Pages

... and so much more!

Turn your ideas into reality
without headaches or limitations

Build advanced funnels even gurus will be jealous of, quickly, with drag & drop simplicity.

The Most Powerful Live Page Editor

Highly Intuitive Checklist-Based Editing

100% Drag & Drop

TONS of FREE plugins to add to your page

Automatically Mobile Responsive

Try it 100% Risk Free 

You won’t see this anywhere else.  For the first time ever, you will have full access to 10 Minute Funnels for $1 in 14 days.  If you like it (and we know you will), you'll be charged just $97/mo (or $197/mo) depends on the plan you select.

Got a Question?

Here’s a list of the common questions we’re asked about TMF.  If you still have a question, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at support@10minutefunnels.com!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are you different from your competitors?

1. Faster Results.  What often takes weeks with our competitors, takes just a few minutes with 10 Minute Funnels.  You simply map out your funnel with the drag and drop funnel builder, and all the magic happens automatically and instantly! 

2. More Powerful Results.  When you place 10 Minute Funnels next to any  competitor, feature-for-feature, 10 Minute Funnels stands head and shoulders above them.  Pretty much *anything* you can imagine, simple or complex, is effortlessly handled for you.

There is no other tool on the planet that gives you the power that 10 Minute Funnels, and drag-and-drop easy as it does.

3. Our Templates are PROVEN. When you use 10 Minute Funnels, you can be confident in knowing that the funnels we provide, the templates we provide have all been used in major 6 and 7 figure marketing promotions.

This means, not only is 10 Minute Funnels extremely fast & easy to use, everything we you build is based on PROVEN results!   So just by using the software, your chances of succeeding skyrockets.

Q: Am I restricted to the number of pages campaigns, or sites I can use with Ten Minute Funnels?

For the Premium Plan, you can create up to 20 Funnels, 100 Pages, and add up to 3 custom domain names.

For the Enterprise Plan, you can create UNLIMITED funnels & pages and add UNLIMITED custom domains.

Q: Do you integrate with <insert cool product here?

Short answer, almost certainly, Yes! :-)

10 Minutes Funnels integrates with all the top email providers automatically!  

...and for the smaller, less popular email autoresponder services, we built a specialized integration that automatically adapts to whatever custom code they ask you to add to your pages.

In addition, 10 Minute Funnels also easily connects with all of the top shopping carts such as: PayPal, ClickBank, Infusionsoft, JVZoo, Amazon.com, and more.

Or, using our drag and drop page builder, you can even use our built-in shopping cart to build CUSTOM order forms that bill your customers through an 
Authorize.net or Stripe connection.

Q: How quickly will I have my funnel? Does it really take just 10 minutes?

One of our best attributes is how quickly you can put together a successful marketing funnel. 
With one click, you have access to dozens of proven, pre-created marketing funnels and page templates already proven to perform in the real world. 

Then, all you have to do is walk down a simple checklist and fill-in-the-blanks. 

Assuming all your assets prepared; it's absolutely possible to launch a successful marketing funnel in 10 minutes.

With that said, you might choose to build a brand new funnel or template from scratch.  Naturally, this will take longer than 10 minutes, but the idea is that what used to take weeks for your programmer do build, can literally take minutes with 10 Minute Funnels.

Q: Who will host my funnels?  Can I use my own domain name?  

Yes, you can absolutely use your own domain name.  It’s very easy to bring it over to TMF, and once you do, every page you publish will be under your domain.
We even host it all for you 100% free of charge.   Our hosting infrastructure is very secure and scalable so your websites are blazing fast (good for SEO) and extremely reliable (site stays up no matter what).  

In fact, it's the same hosting infrastructure that companies like the Nasdaq and Netflix use to host their assets.

Q: Can I build funnels for a client with TMF?

You can build a lucrative business by building funnels for your clients and we aren't going to charge you any extra costs or licensing fees.

Q: How well will you support me after I sign up?

Our team is here to help you succeed.  


Because if you succeed, you'll continue to be our customer.

Our first rate support team is available to answer your questions from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM through email support between Monday to Friday (EST).

They're experts at 10 Minute Funnels, and are always there in case you get stuck, or need some hand holding.

Also, we provide a comprehensive training package, free of charge that includes dozens of videos, a 400+ page user manual, a comprehensive knowledge base, and even recordings to LIVE training calls.

Once inside, we've got you covered!

To reach our support team, email us at: support [at] 10minutefunnels.com

Q: Are your pages mobile friendly?

Before our templates go live they’re go through a rigorous testing process to make sure they’re mobile friendly.  This means your sites look great no matter what type of device your customers are using.

Also, we even invented an Intelligent Adaptive Mobile Response(tm) framework that automatically makes any page you build inside of 10 Minute Funnels mobile responsive!

Q:  What about <insert really cool feature here.  Does TMF let me do that?

Again, almost certainly, Yes! ;-)

10 Minute Funnels was built by marketers, for marketers.  It's our responsibility to stay ahead of the curve, providing you with cutting edge tools that help you stay ahead of the game. 

...and because there's not enough space in this box to list EVERYTHING it can do, what we can say is this...

At the end of the day, 10 Minute Funnels provides a massive library of all the tools that you need to succeed – countdown timers, headlines, pictures, videos, and setting up parallax backgrounds, just about everything.  All pre-packaged in a way that lets you simply drag and drop it to your page.

In fact, you can even add custom HTML code and JavaScript on your pages, too. So there really are no limitations in what you can do with your pages.

Start Your 10 Minute Funnels Account Now!

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